Erotic Stories

Masturbation Morning10 Mar 2014

Seb has always been a fan of drunken slags. Their inhibitions have vanished and they're always eager to get filled, so when he woke up beside a hangover girl after a Saturday night out, only to find another female in the bed beside of her, he was eager to remember what happened the night previously.

Katie's Groupie Whore07 Mar 2014

Katie was a typical 18 year old girl. She loved hanging out with her friends and having fun. She was a free spirited kind of girl and was always eager to try something twice. This past weekend, she headed to see her favourite band playing in a local venue, and she got much more of a show than she had expected.

Dirty Assistant05 Mar 2014

Kevin and his new assistant, Jennifer has had a flirty relationship since she first started working for him about a month ago. However, they never took it further than that until recently when Kevin called her into his office demanding an immediate meeting. Jennifer anxiously walked to his office, pondering what she could have possibly done wrong.

What a Good Pet28 Feb 2014

As her client arrived at her dungeon, Patricia assigned him a safe word, "Red." She explained that this was the only word that he could say if he wanted her to stop. Anything else, no matter how hard he begged, would not suffice.

He Got Used24 Feb 2014

As Katie's client entered her home, she leads him to a closet door. The space behind the door was much more of a small room than it was a closet. It was her office, full of filthy toys, lotions and lubes. Katie closed the door behind them and demanded for her client to get on his knees. He obeyed his commands, immediately growing hard from the dominance Katie portrayed.

Two Dom Babes with One Sub Guy21 Feb 2014

Julie had arranged a meeting with a new client. They had yet to experience one another but she was eager to devour his world. He was a shy, quiet man... But those were always the kinkiest. They decided to meet for drinks at a local pub before heading to their secret location in which he would be pleasured like he has never experienced before.

Not a Typical Monday Morning19 Feb 2014

Jackie has always hated Mondays. She had one of her clients spend the night and was eager to start off the week with something a tad bit exciting. She was sick of monotonous starts to the week, and she went well out of her way to provide an experience for her client and for herself that would certainly start the week off with an explosion.

Two best Friends and Their Dirty Secret17 Feb 2014

Although the sun was shining brightly throughout the day, everything else seemed to be rather sluggish for escort girl, Chloe. She spent the day at home, alone and bored, and finally decided that she needed to get out and do something. She called her best friend, and change the mood of the day.

Knock Knock 01 Apr 2013

Katie had been sleeping with Anthony for a while. She didn't fancy him but couldn't deny that the sex was damn good. It was always dirty, naughty sex and she always felt like a right little slut after spending time with him. Anthony was a dustbin man and worked nights. While he drove around rubbish, Katie was a receptionist and conveniently also worked into the early hours.

I’ll be in Touch 27 Mar 2013

"Here let me get those", came a voice from behind. Charlotte flicked her long, dark hair over her shoulder and turned to smile at the guy offering to pay for her drinks. She knew she looked good. She was wearing skimpy hot pants and a low cut top that showed off all of her curves. "Thanks" she replied, smiling sweetly. She went to walk back over to where her friends were sitting but the guy grabbed her arm.

Naughty Girl Charlotte20 Mar 2013

Charlotte flicked her long dark hair over her shoulder and nervously walked up the garden path. Although she loved meeting new clients, she was always a bit shy at first. As the front door opened she was faced with a guy, probably late thirties, not bad looking and with beautiful blue eyes. "HI, how are you" she said in her soft voice as she entered the house.

Naughty Escort Camilla11 Feb 2013

Camilla slammed the car door and ran to the door. It was pouring outside and she cursed herself for forgetting her phone. As she made her way back into her office she could feel the water running down her neck and over her silk blouse. Suddenly feeling very exposed she picked up her phone and folding her arms over her chest made her way back out to the car park.