Health for Men

Improving Your Sleeping Habits08 Sep 2014

Most guys find it difficult to sleep after a hard day's work. The irony is that they've exhausted their bodies too much throughout the day, but don't feel that they get the right amount or quality of sleep they deserve.

Diet Tip: Record What You Eat27 Aug 2014

A lot of guys don't know it but narcissism with food can bring you wonders for your physique. If you're on a diet because you want to be a lean mean love machine to impress that Petite escort, and you want to direct yourself to healthier means of eating, recording your food might just give you the results that you're after.

Your liver and Alcohol25 Jul 2014

Everyone likes to have a drink when hanging out with friends, especially before a date with the London escorts, but do you know your limitations when it comes to this addictive substance or are you oblivious to the effects that it has on you?

Effective treatment for hair loss04 Jul 2014

Did you wake up one morning and wondered where did all your hair go? Hair loss actually starts approximately 20 years before it is even noticed.

Booze Binging: Why You Drink Too Much16 May 2014

When was the last time you actually drank socially? You know a couple of beers, a few shots of Tequila and let's not forget a few glasses of wine. Can't recall. How about the last time you passed out on your couch, puked inside your own car, ditched on a date with an Asian escort because you were too drunk to function?

Good Oral Hygiene22 Jan 2014

The blonde London escorts will tell you that there is nothing worse than kissing one of their clients, or anyone really, that has bad, stinky breath or yellow, manky teeth. It's totally off putting, say the blonde escorts in London and they find themselves in very awkward situations when they have to explain this to their clients. Many of the London's blonde escorts will provide the girlfriend experience and French kissing services but only at their discretion.

Detox Yourself20 Jan 2014

We have all been in a situation where we have overdone it, whether this be eating too much on Christmas day, getting on it for endless days and nights or just drinking too much at the office party. Sometimes are body's need a little rest and we need to go back to the basics. We need to flush out our systems from all of the toxins and rubbish that we have filled ourselves with.

Cycling in the City of London17 Jan 2014

Traffic congestion is a major part of city life and London is no different. Just getting a few miles in the middle of the day time can take over an hour. Many people if travelling around the capital tend to get the tube as it is easy, convenient and much quicker. You can get from one part of the city to another in just a few minutes. Many commuters will actually cycle to work instead of driving or taking public transport.

Cycling in the City 08 Jul 2013

Cycling is a great way to stay healthy and to keep in shape. It uses all of your body muscles and can help maintain a healthy weight and BMI. Exercise is an important factor in all our lives so rather than jump in the car and drive the couple of miles to work, why not cycle instead. You can pick up a good bike for a couple of hundred pounds.

Drink in Moderation 06 May 2013

After a few drinks we all lose our inhibitions and often gain a bit of confidence. We can sometimes think that we are invincible and this can lead to dangerous situations. It is always a good idea to keep an eye on how much you are drinking so that you can keep yourself safe. The busty escorts love to have a good time and let their hair down.