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Why men prefer Escorts over Girlfriends03 Nov 2014

So imagine the big game is on and you are well prepared in front of the television. You have beer and snacks all ready and waiting then your girlfriend comes through the door.

Why having an Escort is better than a girlfriend31 Oct 2014

There are many men out there just thankful that they have gotten someone to overlook their flaws and to accept them for who they are.

Fantasies men have but can’t always get06 Oct 2014

Being in a relationship can really put a downer on a man's fantasies especially when he's faced with friends who are heckling him because he can't get what he wants from his girl.

Eight ways to get her to say yes26 Sep 2014

Do you have trouble getting your girlfriend or your London escort to agree with anything that you have to say? If the answer is yes then continue reading as I will share with you a few secrets that will get your girl to say yes to anything that you want, and when I say anything I mean anything!!!

How to Manage Rejection from Women05 Sep 2014

For any guy, rejection is never easy. Apart from being emotionally hit in the gut, it's usually a pride thing for men. Men can't get over the fact that women don't like them, or that they are easy to dismiss.

Exploration: The key to more Exciting Sex29 Aug 2014

A man will really want to satisfy his woman during sex. There are specific things a man can do to make her be more satisfied.

Why booking escorts will work for you25 Aug 2014

For men who tend to travel a lot, it seems as though the only thing that they seem to have time for is work related business. Whilst it may appear to look this way, this may not be the case.

When your best options are the Escorts 18 Aug 2014

Let's be real guys, not everyone is a player with charm and charisma. Not everyone can walk into a room and have the ladies swoon over them.

Words women want to hear18 Jul 2014

Words mean a lot to women, that is why it is so important that you be very careful as to what you say to her. Words can either make her or break her and you don't want a broken girlfriend do you?

What Makes You Want to Fight14 May 2014

You hop into your daily routine and commute, whether it be the bus or on the bullet train. Inside that crowded bus and train, you suffer a couple of wayward elbow hits, some shoves and a couple of more bumps from random co-commuters. You dismiss all of these things and you move on to your destination of work.

What Makes a Man Happy?12 May 2014

Happiness is, by all means, subjective by nature. And while most of the time it can't be measured either quantitative or qualitative. Men need tangible proof that happiness actually exists.

What makes a Gentleman?09 May 2014

A lot of men nowadays wonder why does a woman fall for a gentleman more than a rock star. The answer: it's because women would rather have a man who carries her luggage than a guy who has an entourage that does it for him.

Pulling on the Purse Strings19 Jul 2013

There comes a time in everyone's life when we have to watch what we are spending and stop wasting money. The busty escorts know this only too well and know when they have to be more sensible with their money. We are now in a triple dip recession and everyone is having to cut back and save money where they can.

You bad, bad boy! 14 Jun 2013

So you have been a naughty boy have you? The dominatrix escorts are here to tell you off and to teach you a lesson. These ladies are very strict and don't put up with any messing about. They won't tolerate any bad behaviour and will always punish you when they feel it is necessary. The dominatrix escorts are available to visit you round the clock so whenever you feel the need to be disciplined, they are always on hand.

Threesome Fun 12 Jun 2013

You may have watched porn films where some lucky guy has managed to get his hands on not one but two hot and sexy women. You see them both work their magic on him and wish to God that that was you! You may not have been blessed with the looks, money or the confidence to be able to go out and get lucky with two women which is why the duo escorts are so popular with both men and women across the city.