Men in Relationships

When love just isn’t enough20 Oct 2014

Even though I am a strong believer in love, I also believe that there is more to a relationship than just love. Things such as honesty, trust and even basic communication can be added to this list.

When should you send her flowers?17 Oct 2014

Some men are totally confused as to when they should send flowers to a woman. Well one thing's for certain, if she has no interest in you whatsoever, then sending her flowers won't make a difference especially with an escort.

Exploring your options10 Oct 2014

You've said all you need to say to your girl; you're all talked out, so now what? What can you now do to ensure that there isn't an awkward silence in the relationship?

Have more make up sex03 Sep 2014

Every couple goes through a phase where everything just doesn't seem to work. There would be nights where you just can't help but argue, and what happens next?

Who thinks about sex more?20 Aug 2014

We may all know the answer to this question, but do men really think about sex more than women, even London escorts?

Who controls your relationship?08 Aug 2014

Control in a relationship comes in many different forms. At times escorts feel as though they are able to control their relationships, because they bring home more money than their partners. But where does wanting to take control come from?

Why men don’t get Married30 Jul 2014

Marriage is a very big responsibility. You should only get married if you are totally ready and in love. In many cases this does not happen, so you end up being married to someone that you detest for the rest of your life. Here are a few reasons why men don't get married.

Would a threesome work in your relationship?21 Jul 2014

A threesome can only work in your relationship if both parties are open-minded and you have a secure relationship. Threesomes help couples bring creativity into their relationship, as they are able to meet desires that they may have had for quite a while.

Why men prefer sex with Escorts 16 Jul 2014

When I just started going out with my girl we spoke about many things that we wanted to try as a couple. Some of these things included threesomes, inclusion of sex toys and even making a video.

Why relationships fail09 Jul 2014

Everyone wants to be in a relationship but no one wants to work on their relationship. There isn't a relationship out there that's perfect or one that does not need working on.

Don’t sweat the small stuff02 Jul 2014

Being in a relationship can take a lot out of a person especially if they don't understand how to ask for what they want. We are taught not to sweat over the small things and to choose our battles wisely but just how justifiable is this rule.

Be what she wants without losing who you are25 Jun 2014

As a man on a mission, you may want to be all that your girlfriend needs you to be, but you may be a little confused as to how you can make it work.

Benefits of a Romantic Relationship18 Jun 2014

There are some people who don't feel complete unless they are in a relationship and I have always wondered why? Is it an addiction?

Can escorts be substitutes for girlfriends?16 Jun 2014

This question has plagued the mind of many men. Whilst some men prefer to live life in the fast lane, there are also times where they just like to slow down and enjoy what life has to offer.

Warning Signs: She’s About to Break up with you07 May 2014

Do you remember that awkward moment when your girl is so serious with how she talks to you? It's during these times that you wouldn't figure out completely if she's about to break up with you or not. Most of the time, guys generally don't know if their girl is going to break up with them.