When should you send her flowers?

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Some men are totally confused as to when they should send flowers to a woman. Well one thing's for certain, if she has no interest in you whatsoever, then sending her flowers won't make a difference especially with an escort.

Flowers are used to enhance an occasion in a woman's life and sending them at the wrong time or for the wrong reason can send mixed signals to her if you just consider her to be just a friend.

There are a few special occasions on which you should send a woman flowers, such as her birthday, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or just to tell her I love you. Sending these are most effective if done by a reputable florist who can deliver them to her place of work. These public gestures give you loads of brownie points.

Another reason for sending her flowers is to apologise for something that you may have done. It may not make up completely for what you did and she may even throw them back at you, but at least it is a start. If however the relationship has already gone to the dogs, then don't waste your time or your money.

This occasion may be a little tricky if you are not sure whether or not you actually want to have a relationship with this woman but at least you may get sex out of it. The morning after you first had sex with her you could send her some flowers with a simple card, signed of course by you. Escorts also seem to like this gesture a lot.

Don't go too overboard with flowers like sending enough to fill her living room. You may be able to get way with that once and she may think it's romantic, but she may find it a little weird if you do it too often. You could also send a lovely vase with them as well to compliment the flowers.

If you are not sure what kind of flowers to get then buy her roses. Bear in mind that red roses mean that you love her and yellow roses mean that you just want to be friends. Don't ever mix up the two. If she goes overly into conversation about the flowers that you sent, then you are good to go, but if she just says, "they are nice" then you'll need to find out what kind of flowers she really likes.

Flowers may not be able to fix everything in a relationship, but it can help with the process.