Naughty Tips

What you need to know about sex27 Oct 2014

Before going on a date with London escorts there are a few things that you should know. I won't beat around the bush (no pun intended) because the brunette escorts think that men should know these things before approaching any woman they plan to have sex with.

What you should know before booking escorts24 Oct 2014

There are many things that you should know before you actually go out and book escorts. Some of the things you may already know from doing your own research or from some of your friends' experiences, but wouldn't it be nice to read one article where all your questions can be answered?

Escorting is a way of life08 Oct 2014

Many people may not understand how women can be booked to have sex. Some men pride themselves in saying that they have never had to pay for sex and they never will.

Five great parties03 Oct 2014

Everyone enjoys a good party especially the London escorts. Here are a few parties that you might be interested in taking these companions to.

Who are you when it comes to sex?11 Aug 2014

I recently asked myself this question and sad to say, I have found that I am not all that I thought I was. I am a person that usually gets bored quite easily, so I decided that it's time I got myself some escorts in London to help spice up my sex life a bit.

You can have quickies with the Escorts 28 Jul 2014

Why do men believe that the only time to book London escorts is when they have the spare time to spend hours on end with them? Listen, you don't need to spend hours with the London escorts to have a great time, sometimes a quickie works just fine.

Why watching porn can be a good thing14 Jul 2014

If you have been in a relationship for more than three years you may have realised how monotonous your sex life has become. Lack of sex or lack of physical connection within your relationship can cause tension between you and your partner.

Don’t make these mistakes again07 Jul 2014

If you are a first timer when it comes to London escorts, it will be understandable that your nerves will step in and try to get the better of you.

Watersports and Escorts 16 Aug 2013

Many of us have some unusual fetishes or fantasies that we want to act out in real life. We are all into different things but watersports seems to be a common fetish. Guys love to be peed on or to pee on a girl and it really turns them on. You may have seen girls do it in porn films and have decided that you want to try it yourself.

Somebody’s watching Me 07 Aug 2013

Many people get off on the idea of someone watching them have sex. They find it a major turn on and often participate in dogging and swinging activities. Have you ever had an experience where there has been an extra pair of eyes in the bedroom? The open minded escorts have. They love when people watch them doing what they do best.

Rubber Fetishes 24 Jul 2013

We all have a fetish. Whether this is rubber, feet, water sports or bondage we all have something that really turns us on. Many of us never explore our fantasies and fetishes and they get left in the closet and just come into our heads when we are masturbating. Why not book the open minded escorts to share your naughty dreams with?

Dogging Explained 10 Jul 2013

If you haven't heard about dogging then where have you been? It's a craze that has been around for years but only recently has it become more exposed and publicised. Dogging is basically where consenting adults meet in an outdoor place such as the local woods or a park and engage in sexual activities whilst others watch. They usually meet in cars and search the internet beforehand to check out where people are planning on meeting.

Fun with Food 31 May 2013

Food can be a very big part of sex if you know how to use it properly. It can be a real turn on if you use the right ingredients. The bisexual escorts know only too well how much fun you can have with a cucumber and a can of whipped cream! It can get a bit messy but this is all part of the fun and the bisexual escorts enjoy getting cleaned up just as much!