What you need to know about sex

London Escort Lorena

Before going on a date with London escorts there are a few things that you should know. I won't beat around the bush (no pun intended) because the brunette escorts think that men should know these things before approaching any woman they plan to have sex with. As you get to understand what is really expected of you during sex, the better the outcome will be for both parties involved.

Men have penises and women have vaginas. Brunette escorts vaginas are not like your penis they don't just get aroused by one touch. Try fingering her or even giving her a few licks to get her wet first before fingering.

If you want her to deep throat you must not forget to clean well. The same way you may prefer to not get hairs in your mouth is the same way that the brunette escorts feel. Men these days shave so don't be afraid to shave. Brunette escorts are more likely to suck your sacs well if they can actually see what they are doing.

Try a variety of positions. Staying in one position too long is monotonous and downright boring. You should never go more than 25 thrusts in the same position. Don't forget to caress and fondle her when you are penetrating her since brunette escorts don't only get orgasms from intercourse but from other stimulation as well.

One of the most important things that you should have down pat is how to penetrate her. The worst thing that a woman can experience with a man is him pushing his penis in the wrong hole without any warning. Not only can it be painful but embarrassing for you and brunette escorts can end the date immediately. Take your time to penetrate her. The slower the better since this will raise her senses and stimulate her.

Don't push too hard when you are inside the brunette escorts. You don't want to damage them. If she asks you to push harder then by all means go right ahead. She wants to please you but remember if she's in pain she won't be able to do her job to the best of her ability. So big guys take it easy on her, you know yourselves.

One thing women hate, and yes even the brunette escorts, is when a man holds on to their hair and shoves their mouth over their penis. If you want them to give you a blow job you can whisper it in their ear or even take their hand and massage your shaft. Trust me they will get the picture and do what you want.

All men believe that they are great at giving oral sex. They suck and chew at the brunette escorts as though they want to swallow them. The brunette escorts may not say anything because they want you to feel as though you are doing a great job but in reality they are just hoping that you move to another area of their body. The vagina is very sensitive, so the same way you don't want her biting off the head of your penis is the same way you should treat her clit.

Take heed of these things since they will help you have a greater sex life and help you to become a greater lover.