Improving Your Sleeping Habits08 Sep 2014

Most guys find it difficult to sleep after a hard day's work. The irony is that they've exhausted their bodies too much throughout the day, but don't feel that they get the right amount or quality of sleep they deserve.

How to Manage Rejection from Women05 Sep 2014

For any guy, rejection is never easy. Apart from being emotionally hit in the gut, it's usually a pride thing for men. Men can't get over the fact that women don't like them, or that they are easy to dismiss.

Who thinks about sex more?20 Aug 2014

We may all know the answer to this question, but do men really think about sex more than women, even London escorts?

Benefits of a Romantic Relationship18 Jun 2014

There are some people who don't feel complete unless they are in a relationship and I have always wondered why? Is it an addiction?

Warning Signs: She’s About to Break up with you07 May 2014

Do you remember that awkward moment when your girl is so serious with how she talks to you? It's during these times that you wouldn't figure out completely if she's about to break up with you or not. Most of the time, guys generally don't know if their girl is going to break up with them.

Not Everyone Clicks30 Apr 2014

London Escorts UK are confident that when your lady arrives at your door she will be exactly what you hoped she would be and more. They guarantee that she will be the lady from the pictures as they only use one hundred percent genuine and recent photos.

How do you Decide?31 Mar 2014

With such a wide variety of escorts in Kilburn, you may find it hard to choose the right one for you. London Escorts UK has an amazing selection of ladies and the choice can be overwhelming. There are ladies from all over the world, of all different shapes and sizes, all offering their own unique service, so how on earth do you decide?

Kinky and Naughty 19 Mar 2014

The escorts in Hammersmith are well known throughout the world for being some of the sexiest and naughtiest ladies in the business. Men travel from far and wide to spend some time with these girls and experience the pleasure that they provide. Lots of guys have fantasies or unusual fetishes that they are too embarrassed to talk to anyone about.

All important to trust your London Escort Agency12 Mar 2014

It is all important to be able to place trust in a London escorts agency when trying to arrange a cordial meeting with a glamorous companion. The problem is, is that there are so many agencies out there so who should you place your faith in?

What to expect from the London escorts.09 Dec 2013

So you have booked an appointment with your favourite London escort and it is your first time. You may be wondering what to expect. You can be assured that your time together will be satisfying, sexy and very special. All of your fantasies, needs and desires will be met by one of the sexy London escorts.

Why do men use Escorts?11 Nov 2013

There can be many reasons why men tend to rely on the company of a sexy and seductive, outcall escort. This industry isn't just reserved for lonely old men as many people may think. The service is available to men and women from all walks of life. From the young to the old, the unemployed to the professional and the able bodied to the disabled.

Fantastic foreplay Guaranteed21 Oct 2013

So may men get it wrong when it comes to sex as they just jump in with both feet and before you know it, it is all over. All they think about is the penetrative sex and they can't be bothered with the foreplay or how the woman feels. Men think that is perfectly acceptable to give a woman a few pumps and a squirt without paying any attention to the rest of her body!

English Party Girls14 Oct 2013

Why does time always go so quickly when you are having fun? Whilst at work the time seems to go backwards and the minute hand seem to take forever to get round yet when we are partying or having a good time the time seems to run away with itself! This unfortunately is also the case when seeing the sexy and gorgeous English escorts.

We Love that Friday feeling 04 Oct 2013

After five long and boring days in the office you may be looking for a way to let your hair down once the weekend arrives. Most of us head to a bar or a club in order to have a few drinks and meet up with some beautiful women. You don't actually have to even leave your house in order to have some fun with an exotic and sexy lady.

A Single Bachelor a Single life25 Sep 2013

In this day and age, forty is the new thirty and people are choosing to settle down later and later in life. They want to make the most of their younger years and cram in as much as possible for settling down with a wife and children. Single guys like to have a carefree life where they can do as they please and see whom they want.