You bad, bad boy! 14 Jun 2013

So you have been a naughty boy have you? The dominatrix escorts are here to tell you off and to teach you a lesson. These ladies are very strict and don't put up with any messing about. They won't tolerate any bad behaviour and will always punish you when they feel it is necessary. The dominatrix escorts are available to visit you round the clock so whenever you feel the need to be disciplined, they are always on hand.

Spice up you’re sex life08 Apr 2013

We all have fantasies and fetishes although some of us choose to keep these under wraps. Some people however are open about it and like to experiment. Those who do have a kinky side may feel like they can't talk to their wife or partner in case they get rejected or make themselves look strange. So rather than bottle these feelings up a lot of guys have taken to calling upon the London escorts to help them out.