Exploring your options10 Oct 2014

You've said all you need to say to your girl; you're all talked out, so now what? What can you now do to ensure that there isn't an awkward silence in the relationship?

Exploration: The key to more Exciting Sex29 Aug 2014

A man will really want to satisfy his woman during sex. There are specific things a man can do to make her be more satisfied.

Escorts at the Office26 Mar 2014

You must have fantasized about having a sexy and hot Enfield Town escort bent over your desk. Seeing one of these amazing ladies spread her legs over your paperwork is enough to get any guy hot under the collar. Working long hours can be very stressful and sometimes by the time you get home in the evening all you have time to do is grab something to eat and go to bed.

Good Oral Hygiene22 Jan 2014

The blonde London escorts will tell you that there is nothing worse than kissing one of their clients, or anyone really, that has bad, stinky breath or yellow, manky teeth. It's totally off putting, say the blonde escorts in London and they find themselves in very awkward situations when they have to explain this to their clients. Many of the London's blonde escorts will provide the girlfriend experience and French kissing services but only at their discretion.