What you need to know about sex27 Oct 2014

Before going on a date with London escorts there are a few things that you should know. I won't beat around the bush (no pun intended) because the brunette escorts think that men should know these things before approaching any woman they plan to have sex with.

Eight ways to get her to say yes26 Sep 2014

Do you have trouble getting your girlfriend or your London escort to agree with anything that you have to say? If the answer is yes then continue reading as I will share with you a few secrets that will get your girl to say yes to anything that you want, and when I say anything I mean anything!!!

Rain Rain go Away28 Apr 2014

Everyone enjoys a good night out but at the moment the summer has really let us down and it is cloudy, rainy and miserable. It's too wet to even step out of the front door! Avoid the rubbish weather and stay indoors with an Abbey Wood escort instead.

Why leave your Bedroom?14 Apr 2014

If you are thinking about spending some time with an East Acton escort but can't decide whether you want her to visit you or whether you want to visit her, then hopefully this will help you decide. Why limit your choices by visiting an incall?

Escorts with Magic Hands09 Apr 2014

Some clients are just looking for an Epping escort who is skilled in the art of massage and seduction. They want a girl who really knows how to use her hands and ease away all of those aches and pains. Whether you have been training hard at the gym or have just had a busy day at work, why not call upon one of the Epping escorts to give you a sensual and erotic body to body massage?

The Sexiest Women Around 04 Apr 2014

One thing can be said for all of the Wembley Central escorts at London Escorts UK agency and that is that they are all without a doubt, some of the sexiest women in the world. Everyone has their idea of what is sexy and what is attractive and everyone's tastes will vary.

What a Good Pet28 Feb 2014

As her client arrived at her dungeon, Patricia assigned him a safe word, "Red." She explained that this was the only word that he could say if he wanted her to stop. Anything else, no matter how hard he begged, would not suffice.

Lonely valentine 14 Feb 2014

It seems like Christmas was just a moment ago and yet the shops start displaying valentine's cards straight after New Year. This is fine if you have that special someone that you exchange gifts and cards with, but if you are single and a bit lonely this can be a constant reminder of what you don't have. There are bound to be moments when you miss being with someone and you don't have to be alone.

Responsible with your Money18 Dec 2013

Saving for the future can take a lot of planning. The London escorts have a budget that they stick to religiously, which includes putting a little away every week. If you have never budgeted for anything in your life, it may be difficult at first but over a period of time it will become a part of everyday routine.

Getting your MOJO back13 Dec 2013

If you have just come out of a bad relationship, or have been let down in the past then you may have a few trust issues. Whilst some men choose to recognise that they have issues affecting them, and stay away from relationships for a while, others choose to ignore their feelings and so the cycle continues.

Relaxation tips 02 Dec 2013

Many of us have busy and hectic work schedules and busy family lives and often don't take enough time out for ourselves. We run around like headless chickens and often don't have time to do anything for ourselves! Well stop! The English escorts always make some time just for themselves, even if it is just an hour and have plenty of tips that they can share with us for total relaxation.

The Ultimate Turn On29 Nov 2013

Men have different ideas on how to turn a woman on especially the Escorts in London. While some men have hit the nail on the head, other men are not so bright in this area. Here are a few tips from the London escorts that will take away any doubts that you may have in your mind about what really turns a woman on.

Safe in the City 25 Nov 2013

Unfortunately these days we live in a world where you can't leave your back door open and there is a risk of crime to all of us. There are lots of measures we can take to protect ourselves and our belongings but will this really make us feel safe? Here are some tips from the Eastern European escorts on how to keep yourself safe in the city.

Say it with Flowers22 Nov 2013

There is nothing the European escorts like more than receiving a nice bunch of flowers. They regularly receive gifts from their clients but always love it when they get a nice bunch of roses or tulips. Flowers always brighten up a room, especially fresh ones. They smell sweet and look great, just like the European escorts! A lot of ladies would prefer to receive a bunch of flowers instead of a box of chocolates.

10 Years Younger!04 Nov 2013

The escorts in London are young, adventurous, sexy and very experimental. All of these factors help any adequate man feel young and needed. The London escorts aim to please, and provide great company. They love the feeling of meeting a new man and are happy to provide you with whatever you need. You'll feel young the moment you meet these gorgeous ladies.