Why having an Escort is better than a girlfriend

London Escort Thalia

There are many men out there just thankful that they have gotten someone to overlook their flaws and to accept them for who they are. They get up every day, have breakfast, kiss their girl, go to work, come home, eat dinner and go to bed. This repeats itself day in and day out, how exciting is that?

Yes there may be times where you have sex, go out with your girl or even hang out with the guys but you have to admit that sometimes your girl can be a bit clingy, a bit emotional, a bit late and even a bit lazy in the bedroom. Having a girlfriend may not be all bad, but having an Escort would be so much better!

What the Escort does that outshines your girl

  • She is always on time. She understands the value of someone else's time. She will never keep you waiting an extra thirty minutes because she does not know what to wear.
  • She always looks good. Have you ever seen busty escorts that do not look good? After being with you for a few months your girl no longer feels the need to dress up for you unless it's a special occasion. The busty escorts in London however, go all out all the time. The hotter they look, the hotter you get, so why not look great all the time?
  • She's always ready. You know how hard it is to get your girlfriend turned on and you are hot and ready to roll. You can't however neglect her, look desperate or just take what you want from her sexually without repercussions. That's not the worst part though. You start to touch her and she immediately has a headache or an early meeting in the morning so she has to go to bed early to get up on time.

With London escorts this is not an issue. If you want sex, you get it. If you want to cuddle, she's ready to hold you. If you want to have a conversation she is there. Busty escorts always at your disposal, ready to please you.

  • She is never emotional. Having a girlfriend can be mentally straining especially with all her emotional baggage. Why can't she make up her mind about one thing? Why does she feel the need to get upset with you when it was her friend's boyfriend that did the wrong thing? Sometimes it can be a bit over-bearing.

Busty escorts don't have the time to be as over dramatic as your girlfriend. They are sensual people by nature and their main goal is to please others sexually. So before having sex you don't have to waste half your energy trying to console her. If its sex you want then it is sex you shall have.

Escorts in London meet all the criteria of the perfect sexual woman and that's exactly what they are. Girlfriends may have an edge on them in the kitchen, but as far as giving a man what he really wants, the busty escorts will win by a landslide.


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Why having an Escort is better than a girlfriend

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