Our Pricing Policy

London Escorts UK charging policy may vary in conjunction with your selected location and your chosen gorgeous and unforgettable London escort.

Our fee scales will fluctuate and can vary accordingly ranging from £110 to £150 for the first hour of the arranged rendezvous. London Escorts UK can only provide an outcall service to our esteemed clients.

We are only able to accept cash as full payments for our provided services.

All of our escorts will request and require payment at the start of each engagement, once completed; you can then relax and enjoy your evening with your chosen charming and glamorous partner.

Discounts can on occasion be negotiated for longer bookings with our beautiful and enterprising girls.

Our policy is not to charge a cancellation fee unless your selected escort has already departed for the arranged rendezvous and is well on her way to you. In this case all we ask is for you to cover the costs your pre-arranged escort has incurred in travel expenses.

Call us now for a no obligation chat to converse about your wishes, it could not be easier.

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She takes a deep breath and stands before room 1226 of this hotel on the outskirst of Harrow. The sounds of a television coming from the room across the hall. She straightens her shirt, and gives her skirt another smooth down. Then she knocks firmly on the door.

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